Bramora If you've got them , why not flaunt them! If you've got them , why not flaunt them!

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About Us

Bramora has a complete range of Linkgerie, Sportswear, Swimwear and a very special Special Ocassions range Why is it that all underwear for women blessed with big boobs is plain, matronly and purely functional?

Over the years, Clodagh, like so many women, has found the experience of shopping for underwear to be frustrating and a real chore. So instead of complaining about it anymore, we decided to do something.
Hence the birth of BRAMORA

It is a fact that 2 out of 3 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Many women are measured when they are first fitted for a bra and continue buying this size for years, regardless of the fact that their body size and shape has more than likely changed.

We carry a fantastic range of beautiful, pretty, feminine and sexy underwear in sizes C to HH cup.

And we haven’t forgotten about Swimwear either, why should women with larger boobs not get to wear pretty bikinis??? Check out our range.

Now women of all ages can flaunt their best assets in beautiful lingerie from leading brands such as Charnos, Fantastie, Freya, Gossard, Panache, Shock Absorber and Triumph.

No longer must women face the choice of “what can I get to fit me”, rather they will have to make the choice of “which bra do I like best???”

So take the hassle out of underwear shopping and visit BRAMORA where you can treat yourself to beautiful lingerie or swimwear in your size.

Happy Shopping,
Emma & Clodagh

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